Curriculum vitae Albert Beintema

(list of publications below)


Albert Jakob Beintema, Dutch, male, born November 15th, 1944, Naarden, the Netherlands, married Dineke Hietbrink (deceased 2003); two daughters, born 1975 (Kike - pronounce 'keekah') and 1977 (Nienke)

PhD at Groningen University, April 26th, 1991: 'Breeding Ecology of Meadow Birds; Implications for conservation and management'. 1962-1970: biology at Groningen University; Animal Ecology, Oceanography, Zoogeography.

Dutch: native tongue; English, French, German: good; Spanish, Portuguese: reasonable.

As off 2005: Private Consultant, “Biowrite”, writing about travel & nature, consultancies on nature management issues, especialy wetlands. 1973-2004: Senior scientist at Alterra Green World Research - team International Nature Management, formerly Institute for Forestry and Nature Research (IBN-DLO), formerly Research Institute for Nature Management (RIN).


Ecology of lowland fresh water marshes and marsh birds in the Netherlands, with special emphasis on insectivorous species.

Thermoregulation, feeding ecology, and development in Penguin chicks in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica. Fieldwork in austral summers 1988/1989: (Elephant Island) and 1990/1991 (King George Island).

Ringing analysis, observations, and ringing activities in the Mediterranean and West Africa, re. wintering of the Black-tailed Godwit Limosa limosa; Fieldwork (1982-1988) in Italy, Tunisia, Mauritania, Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, and Mali.

Ecology, and management of 'meadow birds' in the Netherlands - impact of changes in water management and agricultural practise; subject for PhD.

Experiences relevant to ecology in developing countries

Participating in wetland restoration project in Hamoun lakes, Sistan Basin, eastern Iran, with Delft Hydraulics (WL).

Assisting Sarawak (Malaysia) Forest Service in defining and implementing a management plan for the new national park Maludam, a peatswamp forest between the Saribas and Lupar rivers.

Participating in project on habitat management in the Inner Niger delta, Mali, with Wetlands International, RIZA, and Altenburg & Wymenga Consultants.

Organising a workshop on global strategies of migratory waterbirds at the 2nd International Wetlands Conference in Dakar, Senegal.

Team leader of evaluation mission of Wetland Conservation Project (WCP) in Sri Lanka, for the Dutch Embassy in Colombo.

Assisting Senegalese National Parks Service in defining and implementing a new management plan for the Djoudj National Park in the Senegal Delta, in cooperation with IUCN and Zwillbrock Biological Station, Germany. Issues: changes in water management after realisation of the Diama Reservoir in the lower Senegal River, improvement of relationships between Park's Servive and surrounding communities, sustainable use of neighbouring zones, development of tourism, education. Missions in 1987 (twice), 1988, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1994 (four), 1995.

Part of supervision and programming of IUCN regional training course on wetland management in Senegal, with eightteen participants from Senegal and Mauritania.

Member of identification mission to Guatemala, for the Directorate General for International Cooperation (DGIS) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ecological aspects of irrigation and drainage problems in Polochic Valley. Encroachment of small farmers into tropical forest on steep slopes. Erosion, flooding, and destruction of wetlands. Interviews with small farmers, large land owners, conservationists, developers, etc. Advise on watershed management, infrastructure, zonation, reserves. Report in Spanish.

Part of supervision and programming of IUCN regional training course on wetland management in Senegal, with twelve participants from Senegal, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, and Mali.

Teaching during training course on wetland management for 30 - 40 Indonesian park officials, held in the Netherlands.

Member of IUCN mission to Sine-Saloum Delta, Senegal. Largely intact mangrove system. Partly National Park, partly State Forest. Use: fishing oyster harvest, tourism. Identification of manegerial and institutional problems, for possible future missions.

Visit to various natural areas in Brazil, e.g. Pantanal (flood plain of Rio Paraguai).

Participation in seminar on coastal zone management, Mbour, Senegal.

Participation in seminar 'Pour une gestion de la faune au Sahel', Nouackchott, Mauritania. Contribution on role of ecologists in developing countries. Visit to the Haut Plateau de El Aguer in the interior. Visit to the Diawling in the Senegal Delta (at that time designated National Park). Discussions on water management of the Diawling.

Participation during one month in IUCN project in Youvarou, Mali (as a cooperation between WWF/IUCN projects 3065 and 3096). Replacement of IUCN's ornithologist (J. Skinner) in the project during that period, and co-operation with his counterpart B. Fofana.

Organisation of a personal training visit of B. Fofana, from IUCN project in Mali, in the Netherlands, for a period of three weeks.

Member of mission to Burundi for UNEP and DGIS. Master Plan for two new national parks:
1. Kibira National Park. Tropical Forest on steep slopes of mountain crest (Crete Nil-Zaire). Advise on watershed management, zonation, bufferzone management. Conservation and management of forest, firewood supply, water supply for agriculture.
2. Ruvubu National Park - river valley with savanna, swamps, and gallery forest. Water management, zonation,, infrastructure, development of tourism, integration with surrounding communities, education.
Visit to existing parks (Akagera and Virunga) in Neighbouring Rwanda, with the director of the Institut pour la Conservation de la Nature in Burundi, A. Kabayanda, to see examples of management in areas similar to Burundi's new parks.

Organisation of a fund-raising trip of A. Kabayanda from Burundi to the Netherlands, for a period of two weeks.

Participation in regional technical meeting of IWRB, Noudhibou, Mauritania. Establishing contacts for future missions and expeditions, at that time still mainly focussed on bird migration. Visit to Banc d'Arguin National Park.

Summary of missions outside Europe and USA

List of Publications

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