My latest book is:

A.J. Beintema, 2005. Het begon met het Naardermeer.
Fontaine Publishers, ‘s-Graveland. 160 p, many colour photographs.
ISBN 90 5956 079 5 NUR 410.

The lake Naardermeer is the oldest nature reserve in the Netherlands. It was threatened with destruction in 1905. To save it, the society “Vereniging Natuurmonumenten” was founded, presently the largest Dutch land owning NGO involved in nature management. In 2005 Natuurmonumenten celebrated its 100th birthday, and much attention was given to the birth of the society, when the Naardermeer was aquired. More than 40 years ago, so almost halfway the century of the society’s existence, I obtained a permit to observe birds in the Naardermeer, while I was still in secondary school. In 2004 I returned, to compare. The changes were shocking. In the central part of the book I place my old diary fragments alongside my present day experiences. But there are also chapters on history, and the people living and working around the lake. The book is written in Dutch.

About Tristan da Cunha:

A.J. Beintema, 1997. Het Waterhoentje van Tristan da Cunha.
Atlas, Amsterdam. 496 p, 16 p colour photographs, numerous b/w ill.
ISBN 90 254 22411 NUGI 470.

Third edition 2005.

The title means The Moorhen of Tristan da Cunha.
With the story of this mysterious maybe-extinct bird (also known as Island Cock) as a theme, I take you through the colourful history of this remote island, until my own visit in 1993.

Het waterhoentje van Tristan da Cunha has been nominated for the Eureka-award 1998, and won the readers award of Vrij Nederland Magazine.

The book is written in Dutch, but you can read my brief English synopsis and some short essays on topics dealt with in the book (not really translations of chapters):

If you are a real Tristanania collector, you may want to order the book as it is through your local book store. Otherwise, you will have to await a translation. If you are a publisher and you feel that this book should be translated into your language, please contact my publisher:
Emile Brugman, Atlas Publishers, fax ++31.20.6261308.

About Antarctica:

In 1988-1991 I spent two antarctic summers in the South Shetland Islands, as a research biologist, working on penguins. The first time I went there with one Dutch colleague and six Brazilians (who forced me to learn Portuguese), with whom I spent six weeks on Elephant Island, completely cut off from the outer world. The second time I joined a large Dutch expedition (more than 20 men). We stayed at the Polish base Arctowski on King George Island. This time we had visitors from all over the world - I counted 42 nationalities in total. From the social point of view, this was a totally different experience. About these two expeditions I wrote:

A.J. Beintema, 1995. In de voetsporen van Shackleton.
Atlas, Amsterdam. 269 p, 16 p colour photographs, numerous b/w ill.
ISBN 90 254 12637.

The title means In Shackleton's footsteps. Not because I did anything like Shackleton did, or ever had ice in my beard. It's just that Elephant Island (or Ilha elefante as the Brazilians called it) is the legendary island of Shackleton's famous disatrous journey with HMS Endurance, 1914-1916. You must read Shackleton's South, the best polar history ever written.

In de voetsporen van Shackleton has been nominated for the 'Kijk/Wetenschapsweek'-award 1995.

My book is in Dutch again, but I have an extensive English Synopsis
It would be fun to have a Portuguese translation: there is no other way my Brazilian friends could ever find out what I wrote about them.....

Meadow Birds

With two friends and colleagues (both excellent bird photographers) I wrote:

A.J. Beintema, O. Moedt & D. Ellinger, 1995. Ecologische Atlas van de Nederlandse Weidevogels.
Schuyt & Co, Haarlem. 352 p, quarto. Numerous colour photographs.
ISBN 90 6092 391 7.

This Ecological Atlas of Dutch Meadow Birds is one in a series of Ecological Atlases, published by Schuyt & Co (there is one on Butterflies and one on Birds of Prey). The book is about birds breeding in agricultural grasslands, like Lapwing Vanellus vanellus, Black-tailed Godwit Limosa limosa, and others. The book is Dutch, but has an extensive English summary.

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